At Mexel USA, we realize that effective water treatment requires a full understanding of several key fields in order to realize fully successful projects. These include:

We apply technical expertise, operations experience and product knowledge, with a focus on the special needs of our customer’s application.  Our experts take time in crafting solutions that are unique to the requirements of each client’s water system and fouling problems. Our team can also provide design and set-up of the Mexel injection system. Unlike many companies, Mexel USA does not have a “standard package”, but instead invests its time and expertise to select the top products, equipment and design techniques to assure the ideal operation and performance of Mexel’s technologies.

Some of the options available are:

Full Service Option
Mexel USA offers this “soup to nuts” option to provide the full design, procurement, installation, commissioning, and routine operations for a single monthly fee.  Most customers select this approach in order to become familiar with the Mexel technology and optimize it for their site conditions.  The Full Service option also eliminates the need for capital budgeting of equipment.

Design and Start-up Option
Mexel USA provides the custom design of the system for the customer to procure directly.  Once installed, we can assist in the commissioning and early operations to assure ideal performance.

Product Only Option
Mexel USA also provides the product separately to the customer if they wish to use their own technical resources to develop an installation.

Once installed, Mexel’s straightforward injection process immediately begins eradicating fouling and corrosion and is safe for all common cooling and heating equipment materials.

Mexel USA additionally provides consulting services in order to pinpoint any new problems and combat them with our selection of eco-friendly emulsions. We also document performance improvements to client management through high quality performance monitoring and analysis.