Mexel 432/0

Focused on effective protection for cooling systems, Mexel 432/0 delivers a comprehensive water treatment program without the use of chlorine and other chemicals. Mexel 432/0 process works as a filming agent using short daily doses to inhibit corrosion, prevent scaling, disperse mud and generally counteract harmful fouling. Operating at the molecular level, Mexel 432/0 improves the productivity of water-cooling circuits by continually maintaining clean surfaces, thereby increasing thermal transfer. Mexel 432/0  is an emulsion of alkylamines in aqueous phase that is non-oxidizing. Previous applications worldwide have included
  • Fossil and Nuclear Power Plants
  • Industrial Plants
  • District Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Commercial Heat and Cooling
  • Ships and Offshore Oil Platforms
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Desalination Plants
Mexel 432/0 has undergone rigorous environmental testing in laboratory and field settings and is registered as a pesticide with the US Environmental Protection Agency. The US Army Corps of Engineers Zebra Mussel Chemical Control Guide includes Mexel 432/0.
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