Mexel USA recognizes each client’s water treatment needs are unique and require a custom solution. The selection of the appropriate product and dosing regime are critical for the success and long-term sustainability of any water treatment program. Our products have been developed and specifically tailored to meet both the most common and specialized problems encountered in cooling and heating water systems.                                                           
Problems in Cooling Water Systems and Equipment Mexel Solutions
Biofouling Mexel 432/0
Corrosion Mexel 432/0MexClear
Scaling & Sedimentation Mexel 432/0MexClear
Condenser/Heat Exchanger Efficiency Mexel 432/0MexClear
Equipment Life & Maintenance Mexel 432/0MexClear
                                 Before                                            After Services At Mexel USA, we realize that effective water treatment requires a full understanding of several key fields in order to realize fully successful projects. These include technology, site operations, and environmental and regulatory factors. We apply technical expertise, operations experience and product knowledge, with a focus on the special needs the identified application.  Our experts take time to assist you in crafting solutions that are unique to the requirements of your water system and fouling problems.
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