Nominate Your Favorite Carbon Control Strategy

EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan regulations to reduce carbon emissions are having an immediate effect at the federal and state levels. Regulatory agencies responsible for energy, environment and commerce at the state and local are already engaged in studies and planning for options to meet the stricter standards for existing power plants, particularly coal. Because reducing carbon emissions can also have a significant effect on reliability and economic competitiveness, options beyond emissions control technology will be considered as part of the mix. These options can include improved energy efficiency in generation, the appropriate role for nuclear in the generation mix, improved efficiency from customers, renewables, storage, load management, etc. It will be important to fully explore all options to meet the carbon goal efficiently and with the least disruption to each state. Sometimes technologies that individually seem to make small contributions can become significant when combined effectively in a comprehensive plan.

The final rule is expected from EPA June 1, 2015. State implementation plans are expected to be submitted by June, 2016, but the development of basic strategy is happening now. Stakeholders from all segments and levels in the energy and environmental communities should engage now at the federal level to assure workable federal carbon control rules are developed and at the state level where the specific solutions are starting to be crafted. For more information on how to comment on the EPA rule, click here.

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