Mexel USA LLC Announces Master Distributorship With Amchem Solutions

Washington, DC. – January 6, 2014 — Mexel USA LLC, exclusive U.S. distributor of Mexel® anti-fouling products, announced today that it has signed a strategic agreement with American Chemstar, Inc., trading as Amchem Solutions, to become its master distributor to all members of the Association of Water Technology. With proven success in power plants and large industrials, Mexel USA is pleased to partner with AmChem Solutions to implement this innovative technology to benefit a wider range of small to mid-sized water treatment applications.

Mexel USA’s core products, Mexel 432, MexClear and MexSteam, are considered superior environmentally, technically and financially to traditional water treatment programs. These “green” solutions work equally well in large water-cooling systems such as power and industrial plants, as well as smaller commercial, institutional, government, school, and office facilities. The environmental performance, compact size, simplicity, and safety for workers and the public make it an especially valuable innovation for water treatment. Amchem Solutions will provide a wide range of Mexel products along with technical support to water treatment companies across the US based on their own operating experience in more than 50 facilities.

The far-reaching agreement significantly expands Mexel USA’s capabilities to supply utility, industrial and institutional plants with Mexel’s innovative products. Manufactured by Mexel Industries SAS, France, these emulsions are based on extensive research and development and produced from organic substances to be safe for the environment. These products reduce fouling from biological and chemical sources, optimize cooling efficiency, and lower operating costs.

Mexel USA, LLC, the sole United States distributor of Mexel products, offers design, installation, and/or operation of all Mexel water-treatment products and systems. Mexel USA is based in Arlington, VA. For more information on Mexel please visit

Amchem Solutions is a full service distributor of innovative chemical water treatment programs crafted to meet the special needs of each unique client. Drawing on an extensive selection of chemicals, Amchem Solutions is able to create programs for boilers, chillers, cooling towers, and closed loop systems in industry, buildings, schools, government facilities, heating and cooling plants, and hospitals. Amchem Solutions president, David Boyle, is a technical consultant and formerly an AWT member technical director, with more than 30 years of experience in water technology and treatment applications. Amchem Solutions is located in Delaware and Baltimore. For further information please visit

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