Power Plants

Mexel products offer simple, effective solutions for common fouling problems that lead to efficiency losses.  Our products have been successfully employed in power plants globally in the prevention of biofouling and other fouling, scaling, corrosion and sedimentation. Mexel is a multi-purpose, cost-effective solution that results in better heat transfer and electricity production while also lowering maintenance costs.  With enhanced heat transfer and fewer outages for maintenance, power plants can create bonus output valued at millions of dollars as seen in Mexel’s power plant case studies.

Mexel 432/0 can also be an important component for the Clean Water Act 316(b) intake structure compliance planning. The regulations call for site-by-site development of plans to minimize mortality to aquatic organisms. Mexel is compatible with all the impingement technology alternatives and can be a significant benefit on entertainment under 316(b).

Efficiency improvements can result in significant reductions of air pollutants from fossil fuel powered plants.  For example, at a 1450 MW coal station, a half percent (0.5%) improvement in overall plant efficiency reduced CO2 emissions by 55,000 tons, SO2 emissions by 255 tons and NOx emissions by 6 tons annually. In addition to improving air quality,  any credits produced can become valuable operating assets under regulation of greenhouse gases.

For further information on how Mexel can help your business needs please view our Case Studies pages.