Ships & Offshore

Marine environments present especially challenging issues for fouling in cooling water systems. Ship engines must constantly and effectively be cooled via sea water that is passed through equipment and discharged into the environment. This possibly environmentally detrimental cooling process makes Mexel’s ecofriendly approach all the more necessary in ship treatment. Maintaining the integrity of the service and fire protection systems in offshore platforms is essential and Mexel products assure that these hydraulic systems are clear for routine and emergency operations.

The water treatment in ship and offshore environments must be highly effective against corrosion and safe to use due to the delicate nature of the chemicals and machinery being processed. Mexel’s sustainable properties have made it the obvious and reliable choice for ship and offshore platforms world-wide. Furthermore, as space on ships and offshore platforms is limited, Mexel’s ease of storage and safe handling ensure a protected and unencumbered work setting. Mexel has been successfully adopted on numerous ships and offshore platforms as seen in our ships and offshore case studies.