Case Studies – Commercial / Institutional

Pepco Government Services

Pepco Government Services served as the owner/operator of equipment supplied to government clients. Their equipment requires corrosion and scaling control, reduced cleaning/maintenance, and the useful life of the towers/condensers extended within their system in order to properly serve their large client base. Mexel’s five years of treatment at numerous locations has provided Pepco with a high level of success, which includes effective corrosion and scaling control, efficiency improvements, reduced non-routine maintenance, and effective biofouling control of circulating water.

Hong Kong District Heating and Cooliong

An urban seawater grid that serviced commercial buildings, government facilities, residential buildings, hospitals, and fire water systems had been undergoing severe fouling. The grid drew from a single seawater pump house that served numerous commercial and residential high-rise complexes. Mexel was brought in as a possible solution to the fouling and during Mexel’s decade plus of treatment the intake tunnels have remained clean, while also removing old barnacles in the process.

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