Commercial / Institutional

Mexel USA’s long history in successfully providing a simple answer to general cleaning and maintenance issues experienced by commercial, institutional, government heating and cooling systems has rendered us an innovator in the field of water technology. Mexel products’ low toxicity, relative to other oxidizing products, and rapid biodegradation make it a safe solution for schools, business and government buildings. The concentrated emulsions are space saving and safe to handle.

Mexel products have regularly been the common answer for increased efficiency within cooling tower/condenser applications. The ability to reduce pathogenic agents, increase heat exchanger efficiency and allow for a non-toxic work environment is proven in our long-standing applications world-wide as seen in our variety of commercial and institutional case studies.  Mexel applied in cooling towers creates significantly less fouling, better fluid dynamics and reduced water pumping requirements that lead to cost savings in equipment and operating expenses. Mexel products are moreover highly effective in reducing corrosion in closed boiler systems.

For further information on how Mexel can help your business needs, please review our Case Studies page.