EPA Expands Registered Uses for this Cooling Water Technology that can Improve Power Plant Efficiency

Washington, DC. – February 25, 2014 – Owners and operators of large once-through and recirculating cooling water systems now have a powerful tool to address efficiency losses and fouling in their water circuits and heat exchangers. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has registered these expanded uses for the Mexel 432/0 water treatment technology to address biofouling, in addition to its capabilities to combat corrosion, scale, and sedimentation. An emulsion injected directly into the water for short periods each day, creates a protective coating on wetted surfaces to prevent problems before they develop, maintain high cleanliness factors, and promote sustainable plant operations.

“We are gratified that EPA has expanded the Mexel 432/0 registration to address the persistent fouling problems encountered in many plants. With intense competition in the wholesale generation markets, the ability to improve performance by as little as 0.5% to 1.0% can have a significant impact on dispatch,” expressed Mary Wolter Glass, President of Arlington-based Mexel USA LLC.

EPA’s risk assessment states that Mexel 432/0 poses no “higher risks to aquatic organisms than alternative chemical substances that could be used as biofoulants”. For facilities with existing NPDES surface water discharge permits, the use of this product is expected to be equally acceptable and pose no “increased regulatory burden for permit writers”.

This significantly expands Mexel USA’s ability to supply utility, industrial, and institutional plants with Mexel’s highly effective products. Mexel USA’s core products, Mexel 432, MexClear and MexSteam, are considered superior technically and financially to traditional water treatment programs. These solutions work equally well in large water-cooling systems such as power and industrial plants, as well as smaller commercial, institutional, and office facilities. The performance, compact size, and simplicity make it an especially valuable for water treatment.

Mexel USA, LLC, the exclusive importer and supplier of Mexel® filming amine emulsions for water treatment, offers supply and design for all Mexel water-treatment products and systems. Its products are manufactured by Mexel Industries SAS, France, whose emulsions are based on extensive research and development and produced from organic substances. Mexel products have been used in the US for more than five years with operating experience in more than 50 facilities, and world-wide for two decades.

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