Our Goals

We, the founders of Mexel USA, LLC, have demonstrated our personal commitment to environmentally sustainable technologies throughout our long careers. This includes not only our products, but all inventions that contribute to the following goals:
  • Prevent problems that can be damaging and require costly remediation
  • Carefully target treatment to control the root causes of fouling to avoid wasting resources.
  • Repel and disperse fouling consistently over time to curb formation of fertile sites for biofouling
  • Use products at the lowest effective levels needed in a sustainable treatment program
  • Preserve biodiversity as a sign of ecological health
Mexel 432/0 has a pesticide registration from the US Environmental Protection Agency for use on biofouling in open and closed cooling water systems. Our products have been extensively tested through laboratory studies and evaluated in field sampling. Mexel 432/0 is expected to play a valuable role in future cooling water treatment. Mexel USA works closely with its clients providing information necessary to meet required state regulatory approvals. This includes information from previous water testing and research results.
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