Environmentally Responsible

Mexel 432/0 has received the rare approval from the US Environmental Protection Agency as a new anti-microbial for use in open and closed cooling water systems. No other similar filming amine product has achieved this registration. Our low-toxicity products have been extensively tested through laboratory studies and evaluated in field sampling. All results have met or exceeded regulatory requirements. Because of its low toxicity, Mexel 432/0 is expected to play a valuable role in establishing acceptable Best Technology Available for entrainment mortality under the new Clean Water Act 316b Intake rules.

Mexel USA works closely with its clients providing information necessary to meet state regulatory approval requirements. This includes information from previous water testing and research results. Mexel USA is committed to environmentally sustainable solutions striving to:

  • Prevent problems thereby avoiding damaging and costly remediation
  • Target treatment on the interior surfaces rather than the contaminants in the water
  • Repel and disperse fouling organisms and materials instead of destroying them
  • Apply products that are environmentally safe and biodegradable
  • Use products at the lowest effective levels needed in a sustainable treatment program
  • Preserve biodiversity as a sign of ecological health