Corrosion Protection

Cooling water circuits are equipped with condensers, heat exchangers, valves, pumps and other equipment made from a variety of metals and/or alloys including copper, stainless steel, mild steel, and titanium.  Corrosion can be the source of significant damage to system components, including condenser tube leaks which can cause damage to boilers and steam turbines.  The adverse effects can result in high maintenance costs, lower plant availability, reductions in the useful life of the plant and its components, and poor financial performance. Protection of metals against corrosion is an ongoing challenge that Mexel® 432/0 and MexClear are particularly well-suited to meet.  

CCorrosion Picturehemically, Mexel® 432/0 and MexClear are non-oxidizing filming amines with anti-corrosion properties for all metals.  The nature of the emulsion allows it to act in two ways to prevent and control corrosion.  First, products disperse biofouling from surfaces that may promote corrosion. Second, the products create a surface film that provides a barrier between the metal and water. This corrosion protection has been observed in numerous field applications and demonstrated through laboratory testing of different metals and alloys.

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