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When Coatings Aren’t Enough: Filming Amines As Supplements and Alternatives to Coatings Arlington, VA – September 2, 2016 Demanding corrosion control applications can test the capabilities of even the most robust coatings technologies currently offered. Problems can be encountered with material selection, installation, and durability of the system that force users to seek additions or alternatives to their programs to meet rigorous performance standards. New developments in the established filming amine technologies, offer options for selected aquatic corrosion situations. A variety of amine-based products are being introduced for industrial, utility, oil and gas, shipping and other industries. An overview of the breadth these chemical programs, examples of their use, and how they can be employed to improve or replace the use of coatings and other corrosion control programs is provided.

Mexel 432/0 Demonstration of Water Treatment in Cooling Tower Applications

Arlington, VA – October 14, 2015 Mexel USA LLC announced today preliminary results from the first six months of a demonstration of the Mexel 432/0 cooling water treatment on a system servicing the Main Campus of a major Midwestern university. The program showed effective control of scaling, corrosion and biological activity across a wide variety of operating conditions in a 40,000 gallon chiller/cooling tower system. The beneficial results included significant control of scaling confirmed by visible reductions in deposits on the tower fill and consistent balance of the water chemistry despite deviations in conductivity control that resulted in higher cycling of the towers. Total aerobic bacteria counts, an important indicator of potential health risks, improved during the test period and remained within acceptable levels despite significant fouling in the sludge in the tower basins at the beginning of the treatment season.

Biocide to be Presented at Southern Company Generation Technical Conference

Washington, DC. – August 5, 2015 Southern Company Generation, like many leading US utility systems, is aggressively seeking new ways to improve their performance and meet the rising expectations of stakeholders. The 2015 SCG Technical Conference August 11 – 13, 2015 at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex (BJCC) in Birmingham, Alabama is just one of many activities supporting innovation. At this year’s Forum, Mexel USA, LLC will reintroduce its ground-breaking cooling water technology that recently achieved a revised EPA registration for biofouling power plant cooling water uses. Mexel 432/0is a single filming amine emulsion dosed briefly each day to prevent all major types of fouling in water circuits – biofouling, corrosion, scaling and sedimentation. The benefits of the treatment accrue in terms of operating reliability, longer equipment life, maintained cleanliness, and increased plant availability in peak periods. The technology can eliminate the use of multiple chemicals and improve plant efficiency by up to 1%.

University of Michigan to Demonstrate Innovative, Water Treatment in Campus Energy Systems 

Washington, DC. – December 15, 2014 Mexel USA LLC announced today an agreement with the University of Michigan to perform a 12-month demonstration of the Mexel 432/0 cooling water treatment on a system servicing buildings on the Main Campus. The demonstration project will begin the end of January, 2015 applying an innovative emulsion recently registered by Mexel for this use with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. During the demonstration, small amounts of Mexel 432/0 will be injected into recirculating cooling tower water to address a number of fouling problems that can adversely affect operations and energy efficiency. University engineers will closely monitor system operations using a number of established performance indicators. These results will be analyzed and compared,along with economic and environmental factors,to historical data for an overall evaluation of the project.

Broader Application of EPA-registered Cooling Water Technology to Improve Power Plant Efficiency

Washington, DC. – February 25, 2014 Owners and operators of large once-through and recirculating cooling water systems now have a powerful tool to address efficiency losses and fouling in their water circuits and heat exchangers. Mexel USA, LLC has expanded its pesticide registration with the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency for expanded uses against biofouling . The Mexel 432/0 water treatment technology is also effective in combating corrosion, scale, and sedimentation. An emulsion injected directly into the water for short periods each day, Mexel 432/0 creates a protective coating on wetted surfaces to prevent problems before they develop, maintain high cleanliness factors, and promote sustainable plant operations. EPA’s risk assessment also found that Mexel432/0 poses no “higher risks to aquatic organisms than alternative chemical substances that could be used as biofoulants”. This significantly expands MexelUSA’s ability to supply utility, industrial, and institutional plants with Mexel’s innovative and highly effective products.

Mexel USA, LLC Expands Deployment of Innovative Water-Treatment System

Washington, DC. – December 4, 2012 Effective anti-fouling product for utility and industrial cooling water systems will provide significant operational, financial and regulatory benefits. Mexel USA LLC, exclusive U.S. distributor of Mexel®anti-fouling products, announced today that it has signed strategic agreements with Mexel Industries SAS. The far-reaching agreements significantly expand Mexel USA’s capabilities to supply utility, industrial and institutional plants with Mexel’s innovative products for treatment and protection of water-cooling and heating systems.Mexel’s core products, Mexel 432, MexClear and MexSteam, are considered highly beneficial solutions for water-cooling systems in nuclear plants, thermal conventional plants, hydro plants and other industrial operations that use massive water-cooling systems. Its compact size and safe handling also make it highly practical for commercial and institutional users.

Mexel USA, LLC Expands Water Treatment Installations for Pepco Government Services

Washington, DC. – February 29, 2012 Mexel USA LLC has recently extended their contract with Pepco Government Services Inc. to employ the MexClear water-treatment system in new locations throughout the Washington D.C. and Baltimore area.These deployments represent a significant and positive advance in national water treatment. The MexClear process represents a move away from the abrasive and costly use of chlorine in water treatment. Mexel’s process focuses on prevention and protection against fouling and corrosion within cooling water system and is recognized worldwide for its successful and economical approach to commercial water treatment. Pepco Government Services, a leader in energy saving performance contracting, has long been chosen as a comprehensive energy-efficiency and cost-saving solution for many government, commercial and industry programs.
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