Our Company

As the principal founders, we have strong personal beliefs that explain why we started Mexel USA:

  • We will only be financially and materially successful if our work is environmentally sustainable.
  • We can deliver the best products by focusing on a single technology and by service that provides deep understanding of the best uses for that technology.
  • By limiting our scope, we can better serve our customers making each one an important client, not lost in a crowd.
  • By offering one product that can replace multiple traditional water treatment chemicals, we can make life simpler for our clients and support the goal of better water quality.

Mexel USA is the exclusive distributor of Mexel products in the US.  Since 2006, Mexel USA has provided, water treatment for power plants, industrial and manufacturing facilities, commercial and institutional buildings. Power plant applications have been developed for conventional and nuclear plants for once-through and cooling tower systems. We continually strive to improve our research and expertise and believe that our efforts will also contribute to energy efficiency.

Memberships & Alliances

Mexel USA is a member of the Association of Water Technologies

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