Case Study - Oil Field Reinjection Water


Coparex Champagne’s oil field in France was experiencing continually problems with aerobic bacteria and sulfate-reducing bacteria from a production well’s tertiary water that is used to top off its process water reinjection. Fiberglass piping distributes the process water to four injection sites within a two-mile radius. A trial comparing Mexel to the prior treatment of a powerful biocide was conducted to find a solution to the water contamination.


Mexel was continually injected into the production well’s discharge at 10 ppm for one week. Subsequently, the dosage was brought down to 5 ppm and continued.


Test results showed that Mexel had been completely effective in dispersing SRB colonies. Mexel was also more successful in dissipating the AERO colonies than the prior biocide and was appreciated for its biodegradable characteristic. Furthermore, use of Mexel reduced costs by 25%.