Case Studies - Ship & Offshore

Elf-Petroland Offshore Platforms

A subsidiary of Elf-Aquitaine, Elf-Petroland operates 17 platforms in the Dutch offshore waters of the North Sea. The un-manned platforms collect, pre-treat and compress natural gas for transport to onshore facilities. The platforms had been previously treated with sodium hypochlorite and the anti-fouling product, Toxion. These treatments resulted in recurring problems of mussel build-up on the steel grid used to block water flow, corrosion on the fire protection pumps and up to one-centimeter accumulation of an extremely dense hard scale on piping surfaces. The reduction in the pipe diameter threatened the entire fire protection system with no way to replace the piping. Mexel was employed to reduce the build-up and preventing future corrosion and deposition. (read more...)


A ship’s onboard sea water system is always under attack due to the hostile oceanic environment, which commonly results in issues of corrosion, fouling and scaling. These problems cause increased fuel consumption or overheating of engines, which leads to engine failure. Reducing these complications through Mexel's nontoxic solutions effectively results in lower maintenance costs without decreasing ship efficiency. Marine Nationale and the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle have successfully employed Mexel products for maintenance of their sea water issues. (read more...)