Case Studies - Power Plants

EDF Le Havre Fossil Plant

This coal-fired power plant along France’s Le Havre harbor was experiencing significant efficiency loss due to fouling in the cooling water circuit. In particular, the plant suffered from serious macrofouling due to mussel growth in the water structures and condenser water boxes. Le Havre furthermore experienced fouling as a result of sedimentation, corrosion and scaling. These problems were unsuccessfully controlled with conventional chlorine and other water treatments. The overall costs and poor performance led the plant to search for alternatives leading them to Mexel 432/0. (read more...)

Mid-Atlantic Nuclear Power Plant

This 1675 MW nuclear power plant suffered extensive fouling that impaired optimal power production and created burdensome operating and maintenance conditions. Maintaining the system and reliability of performance were key factors as well as an interest in enhancing current performance to even higher levels. The plant was experiencing fouling problems in the main cooling water intake system with the most significant problems in the intake bays, the pipes between the main cooling water pumps and the condensers, and in the condenser inlet and outlet water boxes. The plant experienced a broad range of fouling problems from macro-fouling and micro-fouling to scaling and sedimentation. (read more...)

Tennessee Valley Authority, Kingston Fossil Plant

A six-month field test of Mexel 432/0 water treatment was conducted in a condenser cooling water system at a 1450 MW coal-fired power plant. Mexel was evaluated for its prevention of fouling in a 200 MW power cooling water circuit unit against an identical untreated unit. Mexel was quantitatively and qualitatively evaluated in relation to a condenser’s performance in which it was determined to improve performance, reduce corrosion, metal discharges, biofouling and simplify maintenance. (read more...)

Power Plant Using Sea Water

The Northport Fossil Power Station on Long Island Sound treated one quadrant of a condenser with Mexel. The main problem stemmed from deposits of mud in the condenser tubes, which required hydro-blasting weekly to maintain efficiency. A secondary problem was mussel accumulations in the cellblocks (chambers that distribute the water to the four quadrants of each unit), the pipes to the circulating pumps, and the forebay. A crew of 17 persons was required to hydro-blast the condenser tubes and the four quadrants needed nightly cleaning. This expensive and timely procedure led Northport to test Mexel due to its reputation for fast and safe results. (read more...)

Geothermal Power Generation – Guadeloupe

The Bouillante geothermal power plant located in Guadeloupe was experiencing severe fouling in the rotating filters due to algae growth, which led to pump failures and pipe leaks. This failure was due to suspended concrete particles not effectively being removed and remaining in suspension within the cooling water, which caused significant pipe erosion to occur. Furthermore corrosion in the copper alloy cooling jacket of the main condensers was occurring along with scaling in the seawater condenser contact zones. The different multiple sources of fouling resulted in significant restrictions in the cooling system’s water flow. (read more...)