Case Studies - Industrial Plants

Fertilizers Manufacturing, Wloclawek, Poland

Mexel products were employed to treat two cooling towers and associated water circuits at a Fertilizer Factory located in Wloclawek, Poland. The factory produced ammonia, nitric acid and ammonia nitrate and its total water flow was approximately 110,000 gpm. The problems being experienced included corrosion induced leaks and excessive quantities of scaling and mud. Mexel proved successful in stopping the pitting, reducing biofouling, stabilizing the pH, and diminishing the sedimentation and metals’ discharge in two separate units with varying constituent materials. (read more...)

Pernis Refinery

A large-scale refinery in Pernis, near Rotterdam in the Netherlands was experiencing problems with fouling resulting in diminished performance in the air compression equipment. Mexel was brought in on a full-scale trail to solve the declining production problem. The cooling water was a brackish mix drawn from the Rhine River and North Sea. The amount of fresh or seawater varied due to fluctuations with tide, river, wind, etc. Dissolved and suspended solids were also present in the water from this major seaport. (read more...)

Orange Juice Factory

A Florida orange juice concentration plant was experiencing dramatic biofouling accumulation in the cooling tower serving a taste evaporator. Carry-over of nutrients from the evaporator entered the water-cooling system through a barometric condenser causing biofouling buildup. The issue was first addressed by treatment with chlorine and bromine, but was not successful. Chlorine dioxide proved slightly effective, but was determined too costly due to the cooling tower system’s high oxygen demand. Mexel was brought in for testing for its potential to address the fouling in an innovative and economical manner. (read more...)