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Below you will find a link to an easy to read brief overview of the water treatment services Mexel USA provides, aimed at cooling water circuits in power plants. Should you have any questions or require more information please do not hesitate to contact our office at 703-349-3347.

Mexel Introduction – Powerplants

National Innovation Summit & Showcase

Mexel USA, LLC will be exhibiting at the 2013 National Innovation Summit & Showcase May 14-15 in Washington, DC.

In support of the White House and Congressional call for innovation commercialization initiatives, the National Innovation Summit and Showcase delivers the world’s largest showcase of industry-vetted emerging-technologies ready for commercialization. Don’t miss as TechConnect presents the Nation’s top innovations emerging from federal technology funding programs. All showcasing innovations are vetted by industry and investment review committees, and all will participate the TechConnect Corporate Acceleration and Matchmaking Programs with participating Corporate and Investment Partners.

Stop by our booth to learn more about our green water technology. Our expertise and environmentally innovative products service an array of industries and communities including power plants, factories, commercial and institutional campuses, government facilities, shipping and offshore installations.

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National Facilities Management and Technology Show

Mexel USA, LLC & International Chemstar will be teaming up to exhibit at the 2013 National Facilities Management and Technology Show (NFMT) March 12-14 in Baltimore, MD.

The National Facilities Management and Technology Show is the largest gathering of facility managers, building owners, maintenance managers, property managers, construction/engineering managers, energy managers and other facilities management professionals in the United States. It’s a dynamic, interactive facilities conference and product expo that delivers new ideas, best practices, and career-boosting inspiration.

Stop by our booth to learn more about our green water technology. Our expertise and environmentally innovative products service an array of industries and communities including power plants, factories, commercial and institutional campuses, government facilities, shipping and offshore installations.

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2013 EPRI Heat Rate Conference

Today Mary Glass of Mexel USA and Brad Woods of McHale & Associates presented the results of a state-of-the-art evaluation of the efficacy of Mexel products to improve condenser performance at a Mid-Atlantic nuclear power plant. The presentation, “Challenges in Evaluating Heat Rate Performance of New Technologies in Real World Applications“, discussed the monitoring and analysis which showed significant improvements in heat transfer coefficients for the Mexel-treated condenser.

Mexel USA also sponsored a table at the EPRI Heat Rate Improvement Exhibit.

Here is an introduction into Mexel Cooling Water Applications in Power Plants.

Typical Cooling Water Issues You May Face:
• Condenser backpressure degradation
• Macro‐fouling & Micro‐fouling
• Corrosion
• Sedimentation and scaling
• Fouling in conduits and water boxes
• Maintenance burden and worker safety
• Environmental performance

Mexel Cooling Water Treatment Solutions:
• Environmentally safe, multi‐purpose emulsions to prevent fouling,
corrosion, and scaling
• Mexel 432/0
• MexClear

How Mexel Works
• Mexel’s treatment method is different
– Protects the internal surfaces with a molecular coating that
maintains efficient heat transfer over long periods of time
– Solves multiple problems with minimum impact on the
environment – Goal = prevent, not kill in fresh and salt water

Heat Rate Improvements
• Mid – Atlantic Nuclear Power Plant
– Significant improvements in heat transfer coefficients and other
performance indicators with the use of Mexel
– Additional improvements in other operating factors
• Mid‐West Fossil fuel plant
– Documented improvement in macro‐ and micro‐fouling, scaling
– Cleanliness factors above targeted performance benchmarks
• European power plants
– Numerous efficiency improvements in the 0.5% to 1.0% range
– Improvements seen in “clean” systems compared to chlorine with
mechanical ball‐cleaning systems
• Mid‐Atlantic Cooling towers
– Significant reductions in scaling, cleaning costs

Important Supplemental Benefits
• Environment
– Extensive independent laboratory research documenting safety
– Numerous NPDES permits already in place.
• Materials compatibility
– Tests on all types of materials show no evidence of chemical impact
at recommended treatment levels
– Includes metals, alloys, elastomers, plastics and aggregates
• Simplified operations
– Single emulsion replaces multiple chemicals
– Small “footprint” and automated operations
– Safer for workers to handle

• Mid‐Atlantic Nuclear Power Plant
• Mid West Nuclear Power Plant
• TVA Coal Plant
• Pentagon – US Department of Defense
• Pepco Energy Services Company
• Numerous cooling tower operators

USA Expands Deployment of Mexel’s Revolutionary Water-Treatment System

Leading anti-fouling product for utility and industrial cooling water systems will provide significant operational, financial and environmental benefits.

Mexel USA LLC, exclusive U.S. distributor of Mexel® anti-fouling products, announced today that it has signed strategic agreements with Mexel Industries SAS. The far-reaching agreements significantly expand Mexel USA’s capabilities to supply utility, industrial and institutional plants with Mexel’s innovative products for treatment and protection of water-cooling and heating systems.

Mexel’s core products, Mexel 432, MexClear and MexSteam, are considered the most environmentally friendly solutions for water-cooling systems in nuclear plants, thermal conventional plants, hydro plants and other industrial operations that use massive water-cooling systems. Its compact size and safe handling also make it highly practical for commercial and institutional users.

“We are very proud to be representing these revolutionary products that prevent fouling and improve energy efficiency, as well as offering superior environmental performance compared to traditional chemical water treatment programs,” said Mary Wolter Glass, president, Mexel USA LLC.

Antoine Vanlaer, CEO of Mexel Industries, stated: “Ms. Glass is a terrific leader for marketing our water-cooling system products in the United States. We are proud to work with her and delighted that she agreed to continue to offer her tremendous experience, industry knowledge and network of contacts in U.S. industry to Mexel Industries. Not only will Mexel Industries benefit from the agreements in terms of U.S. sales, but we also believe that the value our minority investment in Mexel USA will grow as a result of her proven leadership skills.”

Mexel USA was advised by the Law Offices of Gregory S. Feis, Washington, D.C., in connection with the multifaceted agreements. William Kahn, a partner in Nixon Peabody, a noted corporate law firm, advised Mexel Industries. Mr. Kahn, working in the firm’s Paris and Washington, D.C. offices was assisted by Paris associate Julien Espeillac.

About Mexel USA LLC

Mexel USA provides Mexel Industries’ water treatment technologies in a complete product offering that includes the design, installation, anti-fouling products, maintenance and full product support. MUSA supplies environmentally safe, automated systems to clean and protect water circuits that are simple, reliable, and financially and technically superior to traditional technologies. Mexel USA is an independent distributor based in Arlington, Virginia. Contact: Mary Wolter Glass at 703-349-3347, mobile 703-786-3308.

For further information:

About Mexel Industries SAS

Mexel Industries SAS develops and distributes environmentally friendly treatment products for industrial applications. Founded in France in 1990, Mexel Industries SAS has pioneered a range of innovative green emulsions for power stations, water circuits, fuel combustion, concrete formworks and ballast water treatments. As a result of extensive research and development, Mexel Industries has developed various emulsions: anti-fouling products, fuel additives, silicate deposit inhibitors and emulsions for formworks. These emulsions are made from organic substances and always safe for the environment. Mexel Industries’ products reduce water system fouling from a variety of biological and chemical sources, optimize cooling efficiency and significantly lower operational costs of its customers. Contact: William Kahn at (202) 585-8000.

For further information:

Mexel USA Experts to Participate in EPRI-Plant Engineering/Great Lakes Consortium Meeting, June 25th

Mexel USA will be a featured speaker at a special day-long conference on understanding condenser and heat exchanger performance and available methods to maintain optimal heat transfer capacity.

Mexel USA will present a series of case studies on power plant and industrial applications that employed our innovative technologies to prevent and control biofouling, corrosion, scaling and sedimentation in large condensers and heat exchangers.  Drawing on more than 20 years of experience, the case studies will address the environmental benefits of Mexel’s safe, biodegradable products, as well as presenting financial benefits from improvements in overall plant efficiency.  Although the biological focus is on the Great Lakes, the technologies are applicable to any body of water. The program will include prominent researchers in the field as well as technology providers.  The event is scheduled to precede the respected plant performance conference EPRI P2EP at EPRI on June 26th.  There is no charge for the conference.

For more information please contact Jerry Munyan at or Ashley McEntarffer at

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Mexel USA Blog

Welcome to the Mexel USA Blog! Here we will share upcoming events alongside exciting developments within the company. We’ll also discuss our thoughts regarding new products, services and developments in the expanding fields of water treatment, the environment and energy efficiency in order to keep ourselves and readers informed. In turn, we hope to hear your views on where the industry is and should go.

First, let’s provide a little background on Mexel USA and our role within the field of green water treatment and energy efficiency. We serve as the sole United States distributor for France’s Mexel Industries, who offers a wide range of ecofriendly products that are recognized globally for their innovative solutions, especially in safe non-chlorine based cooling water treatment. The breadth of products Mexel USA offer serves nearly every field ranging from power plants to process industries to commercial and institutional facilities.

The face of Mexel USA is seen around the country at numerous power, engineering and environmental conferences. Stop by, say hello (in person or online!) and let us know your thoughts on the current products and developments within the fields of green water treatment, environmental works and their role in energy efficiency.