2013 EPRI Heat Rate Conference

Today Mary Glass of Mexel USA and Brad Woods of McHale & Associates presented the results of a state-of-the-art evaluation of the efficacy of Mexel products to improve condenser performance at a Mid-Atlantic nuclear power plant. The presentation, “Challenges in Evaluating Heat Rate Performance of New Technologies in Real World Applications“, discussed the monitoring and analysis which showed significant improvements in heat transfer coefficients for the Mexel-treated condenser.

Mexel USA also sponsored a table at the EPRI Heat Rate Improvement Exhibit.

Here is an introduction into Mexel Cooling Water Applications in Power Plants.

Typical Cooling Water Issues You May Face:
• Condenser backpressure degradation
• Corrosion
• Sedimentation and scaling
• Fouling in conduits and water boxes
• Maintenance burden and worker safety
• Environmental performance

Mexel Cooling Water Treatment Solutions:
• Multi‐purpose emulsions to prevent fouling,
corrosion, and scaling
• Mexel 432/0
• MexClear

How Mexel Works
• Mexel’s treatment method is different
– Protects the internal surfaces with a molecular coating that
maintains efficient heat transfer over long periods of time
– Solves multiple problems with minimum impact on the
environment – Goal = prevent, not kill in fresh and salt water

Heat Rate Improvements
• Mid – Atlantic Nuclear Power Plant
– Significant improvements in heat transfer coefficients and other
performance indicators with the use of Mexel
– Additional improvements in other operating factors
• Mid‐West Fossil fuel plant
– Documented improvement in biofouling, scaling
– Cleanliness factors above targeted performance benchmarks
• European power plants
– Numerous efficiency improvements in the 0.5% to 1.0% range
– Improvements seen in “clean” systems compared to chlorine with
mechanical ball‐cleaning systems
• Mid‐Atlantic Cooling towers
– Significant reductions in scaling, cleaning costs

Important Supplemental Benefits
– Extensive independent laboratory research
– Numerous NPDES permits already in place.
– Tests on all types of materials show no evidence of chemical impact
at recommended treatment levels including metals, alloys, elastomers, plastics and aggregates
• Simplified operations
– Single emulsion replaces multiple chemicals
– Small “footprint” and automated operations
– Easy to handle

• Mid‐Atlantic Nuclear Power Plant
• Mid West Nuclear Power Plant
• TVA Coal Plant
• Major Central Heating and Cooling Facility
• Pepco Energy Services Company
• Numerous cooling tower operators

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