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Mexel & Clean Water Act 316(b) Compliance Program Planning

Green Water Technology for the Future

At Mexel USA we specialize in green water technology for the future. Our expertise and environmentally innovative products service an array of industries and communities including power plants, factories, commercial and institutional campuses, government facilities, shipping and offshore installations. We pride ourselves on being the sole independent distributor of Mexel products in the United States and are dedicated in providing practical solutions tailored to the customer. With a focus on prevention, our products assist in preempting fouling, corrosion and other cooling water issues before they occur.


Mexel USA is committed to environmentally sustainable solutions striving to:

  • Prevent problems thereby avoiding damaging and costly remediation
  • Target treatment on the interior surfaces rather than the contaminants in the water
  • Repel and disperse fouling organisms and materials instead of destroying them
  • Apply products that are environmentally safe and biodegradable
  • Use products at the lowest effective levels needed in a sustainable treatment program